Like any other living thing, stimulus workswonders on your hair growth too. Massaging pulls blood flow to your scalp and this in turn stimulates the growth of your hair. A win win situation! Your relaxed and your hair has the promise of better growth. Massage you’re hair at least twice a week. Massaging improves the blood flow which will help the hair in getting additional nutrients. Also keeping fit generally will also help in stimulating blood flow to the whole body. Pure lavender oil can be massaged on the scalp every alternate day to promote hair growth.



Your hair looks better when washed. But washing it every day will only make it dry and brittle. Do not wash more than thrice a week.

Hair is brittle when wet. Be gentle when washing.

Use cold or normal water when washing. Hot water has the same effect as heat treatment. Your hair will be left dry and frizzy.

Conditioning is a key factor to maintaining good hair. It locks the moisture in the shaft preventing dryness along with providing protection from dirt and pollution, to a certain extent from the sun too. Therefore skipping the conditioner would just be plain stupid. Never step out of the shower without using a conditioner. Ever! Now you can conditioe a shower works wonders but you can also make an egg conditioner and a hair mask for regular use if you please.


However, if you have extremely brittle hair then deep conditioning once a week is advised. Make a hair pack that suits your hairs. Then tie around it a hot towel and allow it to sit for a bit. This opens out the pores and ensures better absorption of nutrients.

Combing for better hair care:

Let us begin by saying comb with care.


Using of a wide toothed comb is advised. Use it to detangle the hair from the bottom and slowly work up as it will reduce breakage. Don’t try combing your hair while it’s wet as this may lead to unnecessary hair fall. Also do keep in mind that you will need to cover your hair while in the pool as the chlorine in it will harm the hair.

 Brush them sensitively. Pulling them carelessly will only lead to breakage and brittle hair.


Trimming for better hair care

Splitting of your hair tips is going to happening no matter how much care you take! They are normal as your hair grows out.

Hair grows at the rate of ½ inch each month so it grows 6 inches per year at average. But due to regular damage, styling and other reasons hair get split ends and damaged cuticles. It is proven that healthy hair grows faster than damaged hair and so visiting the salon every 6-8 weeks is advised. Let the hair dresser trim the lower portion of the hair. You need not trim a lot but ½ inch every three months, this will ensure that the damage is minimum and your hair is healthy. After the haircut, use a leave in serum to help heal the split hairs and prevent further damage. These are some  tips to get long hair.




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