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Make no mistake — maintaining beautiful, healthy long hair is worth the time and attention it takes. When our hair looks wonderful, we feel wonderful, and transmit a sense of poise and confidence.

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These simple healthy long hair care tips and techniques from expert hairdressers will keep your hair shining and luscious! The extra focus you put on your long hair will minimize dry, damaged hair. Not to mention, they’ll help to cut down on those frizzy bad-hair days!

You’ll discover techniques to properly care for your scalp, creating a healthy environment for faster, longer hair growth. You may find that you already use some of these tips. Fantastic! The other low-cost long hair care tips can be easily worked into your daily hair care regimen.

Go ahead, start to pamper your crowning glory!

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1. Take a quick look at your brushes and combs. What’s their condition? You only want to use brushes and combs that are both clean and in good condition. Let’s start with the ‘clean’ factor. You need to wash these styling tools weekly with dish soap or shampoo. There’s no sense in cleaning your scalp and hair to turn around and brush oily dirt back into it. Tip: You may find it helpful to use a rat-tail comb to remove the hair from your brush.

Now, let’s consider the ‘condition’ factor. Don’t use brushes and combs with dull, snagged tips. Brushes and combs in poor condition are not gentle on your hair shafts, and will ultimately damage your hair by causing split ends. Be prepared to toss over your favorite brush or comb when the time comes.

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2. Comb, brush, shampoo. Detangling and brushing your hair before you shampoo protects your hair and saves money. How? Working shampoo into hair full of knots and tangles causes you to pull excessively on your hair. This rough pulling stretches your hair, causing it to break. Also, you’ll use more shampoo, conditioner and detangling products to smooth it out.

So, first use a wide-tooth comb to gently detangle your hair. Always start combing at the end of your hair, working up to the base of your hair and stroking gently in a downward direction. Concentrate on detangling one section of your hair at a time. Then, give your hair a good brushing to stimulate the scalp and make your hair grow faster. Now, you’re ready to shampoo your hair.

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How to shampoo and condition long hair properly

  1. Pamper your scalp weekly.Every time you shampoo your hair take the time to firmly massage your scalp. This stimulates your hair follicles and increases the blood flow, effectively giving your hair a nutrient boost for longer hair growth. To massage your scalp, simply spread your fingers apart, knead firmly and gently for about two minutes. Avoid using your finger nails, as they can scratch your scalp. Even better, massage your scalp when you shampoo your hair — it provides lubrication, so that your fingers glide across your scalp without excessive pulling.
  2. Water is a vital hair care product.Absolutely! Even a thin film of shampoo or conditioner dulls your hair. So, rinse and rinse again to make sure there’s no remaining residue on hair strands.

Also, always keep a spray bottle of water handy. As you’re styling your hair, you can mist it. Not only does water help to revive the products already in your hair, but a misting can help tame static hair or set your curls.

  1. Use the right water temperature.Washing and rinsing your hair with hot water stresses your locks. Hot water closes your pores, preventing moisture from reaching your roots. Instead, wash and rinse your hair with cool-lukewarm water.271072_136320663113933_100002080016599_280187_6528698_n  58027_177160328972105_5035786_n
  2. 6. Less is more. Long hair does not need to be washed daily as it needs the natural moisturizing oils, or sebum, from your scalp to be brushed down its length. Also, shampoo is a cleanser containing chemicals that slightly opens up the hair cuticle to get dirt out, but this chemical also dries your hair.

    How often should you wash long hair? Good question! You should consider washing your hair every third day, or even less. If you’re in the habit of washing your hair daily, then it may take a couple of weeks for your scalp to slow down in producing sebum. Ah ha! This amounts to instant savings on the amount of shampoo and conditioner you use weekly.

    7. Buy the right products. As tempting as it is, don’t pick shampoo and conditioner based on its smell, pretty container, or even price. Take the time to pick the right shampoo and conditioner for your long hair’s texture and needs. Try to choose products with more natural ingredients and less chemicals. It’s better for your long hair and produces less build-up.

    8. Do not over condition. Using conditioner every day will cause your hair to be greasy. Instead, consider misting your hair with a lighter leave-in conditioner on days you don’t shampoo your tresses.

    Also, you should avoid putting conditioner directly on your scalp, but rather work it through the hair. Take special care to coat the hair ends where most damage occurs.

    9. Avoid product build-up. Have you ever wondered why your favorite shampoo and conditioner doesn’t seem to work as well? It’s product build-up. You’ll find that your hair feels limp and doesn’t style well.

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  4. 10. Even your hair gets thirsty. Once a month or whenever your hair feels dry, give it a deep conditioning treatment. Deep-penetrating conditioners and hot oil treatments can be purchased in single-treatment packets online or in drug stores. If your hair is extremely damaged, deep condition your hair once a week until it becomes hydrated again.

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