I 11078197_1433510923627068_9081579263564941392_nwas 21 years then and the lady was 25 years old and she had knee length thick hair. I saw her several times combing her hair and when i saw her combing my heart beat increased. and i think she might understand that i loved her hair very much. oneday my parents went outside to join a function and her husband was outside with his job. that day(at afternoon) she was brushing her hair and struggling to brush her hair as it was very thick

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i saw it many times that it was very difficult to brush her hair by herself. but I could not ask anything as i did not get any chance. that day i took some courage and asked her that could i help u Bhabi( sister in law)? then she said as a man how could you brush my hair and do u have any experience about it “she asked”. I said I don’t have but I can do it because i will be very careful about it. then she let me to brush her hair. that time i was thinking that i will be in heaven within some time. then i took the brush and began to brush her hair inside of her house as i was afraid if anyone saw us. then i parted her hair in two part. first i brushed one side then i brushed another side. then i said your hair is very soft. in reply she said thanks.

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Then i said ” can I smell your hair” she said of course because i think my husband is not so careful about my hair. then i smelt her hair. It was so good to smell. I said her to apply some oil on her hair. she said “i applied oil day before tomorrow ” then i shampooed it yesterday. I told “that’s why it is smelling so good”. however I will be very careful on applying oil on your hair. she let me to apply oil and I applied oil for 30 mins as it was very long and thick hair. then i began to massage her sclap. at that time she was like asleep with my scalp massage . and she was saying” i have had never hair care like this”. when i finshed my oiling I began to brush her hair again for 30 mins. then i braided her hair and the braid was not so bad as it was my first braiding of any long hair. she was so happy with it. after that i brushed, oiled and massaged her hair for many times whenever i got chances.

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4 years ago her husband transferred to another place. that’s why she lost forever. but i missed her hair very much.


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