(Long hair play story as copied from net)

one day i went to my friends house, i knocked the door, one 40 yrs old lady opend the door she was my frnds mother “Mala”. she was in tight sadi,she welcomes me & lead me to the hall where my frnd was watching Tv, One thing i came to know that Mala aunty has very long & thick hair upto her thighs,  she was walking her long hair braid swinging on her tight butt.

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I got mad for her. when she turned around ,  she smile at me & went to the kitchen, me & my frnd chatted for sometime, then he got call, his father was on other end asked him to go to his uncle house as there was some critical problem appears, then he replys how could he left his mom alone at home, his father agrees with him, then my frnd told his dad that he’s frnd (its Me) will stay untill he come back to home, his father said thats fine. Then my frnd request me to stay with his mother, how could i reject that chance, but i replied hesitatingly, my frnd thanx me told his mother that i’ll accompanied her until he came back & leave. His mom went to kitchen & brings tea for both of us then we stated chatting, i appreciate for her long hair, she thankd me & asked me why was i staring at her long hair Braid? I told her that i’m long hair fetish & I love her long hai, hearing this she turns red in shy.

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I request her that to show me the full length of her long hair she said ok & she stands infront of me & untied her long hair, i was stunned watching her long thick shining silk flowing down to her thighs. I asked,”can i play with ur long hair she agreed I went close to her started touching, playing & smelling her long hair, I went close to her , i lost my control & hugged her from behind . Then suddenly the door bell rang she come out of trance & ran towrds the door, in 5 min she came back told me that it was her neighbour came to her for chitchat but she refused her & says she has imp work, I smile at her & she winkd at me, I understand the signal,& I went close to her & hug her from behind , I removed my cloths,  started to pull Mala’s sadi now she was in blouse & skirt with long thick hair on her back , she was look like angel,  i got hold of her butt started crushing them, The smell of her beautiful long hair made me crazzy & wild, I tored her skirt, then turn her around & embraced her, & started lip to lip kissing, she was kissing me passonately, we’re in tight hugg.  then i lift Mala in my arms & leads to bedroom,  I laid her on bed & then I jumped over Mala,

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after 1-1/2 hr i woke up, there was only me on bed, she was in kitchen making dinner for night, i got fresh & went to see her in kitchen. she was standing near fridge she tied her beautiful long hair in long thick braid with long end, watching this my dick starts to rise again, i went to her & hugged her from behind pushing  her long thick braid, then she said, Hey naughty,  I thanked her. she said, she was near to finish the work, go & wait. Then we had dinner, after dinner I was waiting her in hall, after 5min she came, smiled at me, started to teasing me, coming near me & again walkd away swinging her ass, her long hair thick braid moving like pendulum on her butt attracting me, I was arroused . Then she sits besides me i hugged her & both we started kissing, while kissing i removed her cloths & mine also, i was calling her name Mala my darling, I love u dear, she was calling my name too, that makes me more horny & wild, we were on the peak of extacy & orgasm, both of us never experienced like this before, then the moment come , due to this Mala screamed loudely in extacy, we both cumm at same time, after this exausting  session we felt on carpet,we’re in tight hugg, both were very tired after some time I lift her in my arms & lead to bedroom for the whole night rest.


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