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This is one of my experiences. I was living in bangalore and was staying in a flat on 3rd floor. The flat was in such a position that there were balconies down on the second floor of two other flats blow mine. It was such that if I peek through the window with the glass panes shut ….the people were not able to see me but i had a clear view of them. I was so lucky to have a very fair skinned slim lady down who had these amazing hair. When braided they were reaching down her ass. Her hair was thick and brownish black with a few naturally brown streaks in her mane. She used to stand in the balcony everyday and brush her hair. I cannot explain what beautiful scene it was. I used to watch her every day as she combed, tossed, and moved her lovely slender fingers thru her mane. 

309168_100471853395539_2111241825_n 309580_100471176728940_1677955683_n 309656_100471436728914_1600902216_n 309491_100471720062219_450821298_n

I always used to feel jealous abt her husband. I used to imagine how he must be playing with his wifes hair. But that faggot was such an ass ….I used to hear voices of him scolding her and she used to cry many times. I wonder why such as**oles get such good women.

One fine day something happened that changed my luck. My computer was near the window and accidentally one of the cables thet i put near the window fell down into her balcony. At first i wondered if it wud be okay to knock her door and ask for it when her hubby was not around but i had to take it urgently so i went to her flat and knocked. She opened the door and i was stunned to look at her face from that close distance. She was so fair and her hair was tied back with a clip and it was so amazing to look at. I imagined how her hair would fall down when i unclipped them. Then i asked her for my cable and she had asked me to come in . Though i initially refused but she insisted and i went in and had a casual talk. She asked me some questions and i told her where i worked and blah blah. 

308109_100470886728969_1422922746_n 307640_100472386728819_394628670_n 308637_100472170062174_509602122_n307360_100472513395473_182643803_n

One sunday i was at home and heard a knock on the door. When i answered i saw this lovely lady standing….i was dumbfounded for a minute. I asked her to come in but she told me that her computer had a problem and if i can fix it. Man i was so excited. when she turned and started walking down the stairs her braid was dangling so beautifully across her butt. I stared shamelessly at her from back. I went to her flat and had a good chat with her while trying to fix the comp…she told me she wanted to talk to her hubby (was outstation) on skype and the comp wasnt working. After i fixed it and she was very grateful and offered me lunch . I was taking every opportunity to glance her lovely mane while she was serving me. I cannot explain how beautiful her hair was. It had a shine so bright and so thick with the most amazing color and texture to it. Her braid used to fall off her shoulders when ever she bent over the dining table. She told me that i can come over anytime if i ever felt like eating some home made food. I left then …feeling so happy….it was like a dream. I totally fell for this lady. (Btw i was working in a call centre and was home all day when her hubby was out for work.) 

308637_100472170062174_509602122_n 308554_100472270062164_158538312_n 308109_100470886728969_1422922746_n 302658_100471103395614_1536776605_n

From then on i used to sit on my window and watch her comb her hair often without shying away. I guess she too observed that i was staring at her hair and she wantedly tossed it and played with it to flaunt her beauty. I knew she too enjoyed me staring. She would come out in the balcony everytime she took a head bath and dry her hair in the sun.The sheen of the sun in her hair is something no poet can describe. She made a loud noise of the door when she came into the balcony….i guess it was to signal me that she was out there for the show. Sometimes we had a casual chat and slowly i started to build good terms with her. 

302321_100471090062282_1806328468_n 301465_100470776728980_869243839_n 301396_100472410062150_1884760131_n 297957_100471063395618_649329235_n

One day she called me and asked if i can get her some computer parts for her from the stores and i did. When i went to her door to give em she wasnt answering the door. after a minute or two she opened with her hair soaked wet dripping. She just finished her bath. While i was installing the hardware she started rubbing her hair dry with a towel. Her hair looked so soft and smelled like heaven with every gush of wind blowing from her side. she often turned her back towards me to flaunt her mane. Then i suddenly ( i dont know how) told her that her hair was lovely. She turned suddenly and paused for a few seconds looking at me and then said thanks. Then i said that my mom had long hair too( I lied) and she used to use a secret oil that made her hair so good. She suddenly got curious and asked if I can get it for her. I obliged. I told her that I used to massage my moms hair and was very good at it (lied again). I told I had one bottle of oil with me and would give her the next day. I prolonged my work on the comp until she finished combing her hair and tying it in a bun. I enjoyed watching the process. I left her place I later got a good quality ayurvedic oil from a local store and filled it on a different bottle and went to her the next day afternoon.

294106_100472253395499_732935706_n 296389_100470280062363_414333858_n 298016_100470696728988_255955072_n 297038_100472610062130_1093124937_n

She thanked me a lot. But i was waiting she would ask me to massage her head with the oil. But she didnt. Then with a lot of courage i asked her if I can massage her hair once just to show what my mom had taught me. She paused for a while but then said ok. Wow ….i didnt believe that i was in that situation.
She sat down and i was sitting on a chair….and i unclipped her hair to watch the most amazing scence of my Life. Her tightly wound hair just untangled and fell in a spiral to reach the floor and bounced accross her back. i gently untangled it with my fingers ….moving them along the lenght of her hair. I gave her a good massage and combed her hair . She often moaned with relaxation thru the process. When i was done she looked a bit sad and was silent. When i asked what the matter was she cried saying that i took so much care of her and her husband was so mean towards her. I felt really sorry for her and held her hand and said that it I would always help her out in any way i can. 

299701_100471940062197_1498520924_n 297275_100472150062176_658860981_n 300976_100470466729011_1283769433_n 307421_100472470062144_728295957_n

Then evreryday i comb her hair and when she wash her hair she call me and i wash her hair.



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