Here is my own experience with long hair. One of my aunt’s daughter (my cousine) is having long, silky and thick hair. I am fan of her hair since the first day I saw her. Luckly I got job in the same city where my aunt is living and she insisted me to stay at her home for few days until I will get accomodation. That of the best time of my life as far as my long hair love is concerned. 122-1400-600x600 14666_1601206656826690_261763701712369493_n 20329_665378900263289_5305434715331107608_n 283305_216039351777318_4490972_n 288037_216042165110370_7801820_o 316656_100467770062614_85998130_n 423735_322987334415852_256050367_n 430589_322985827749336_1500719820_n 483486_120525668140150_317348557_n 960196_847412878613557_4995160518273372253_n

Once it happened that me and my cousine were watching some film awards program on TV. It was bit late in the night so everyone else had already gone for sleep. Usually, my cousine puts her hair bunned during the day, but before going for bed, she used to braid them. The TV show was about to finish and I was knowing that as usual she will open her bun to to put the braid. I thought this is my chance to touch her hair, as no one was around. I first started talking about the hair of one of the actresses on the TV, just to start a topic. Then I told her that you also have great silky long hair. I could make out that she likes the complements about her hair. Finally, I gathered courage and told her “Anyhow it’s time to go to bed and you are going to put a braid, Can I do it for you today?”. She was bit surprised and asked me “being a man will you able to braid the long hair”. I requested her to give me a chance. Finally she agreed and brough a brush from the room as I might need that. She came and sat before me. I was so thrilled at that time. I was knowing that I am gonna be in heaven for few minutes. I opend her bun. The hair was so silky, I had never imagine it. I started brushing her hair slowly. I wanted to enjoy it fully. After brushing her hair for around 10-15 mins, I parted the hair in three parts. I started braiding her hair. Though I didn’t want to stop touching the silk but it was getting late, so I finished the braiding. It was a great experience for me which I will never forget.

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