The Fascinating Number 8

The twist and turns in number 8


8 is the most fascinating and enigmatic single digit number. Feared by many, preferred by a few, this number continues to be the most controversial single digit number in the world of Astrology and Numerology.


Natural Disasters and Number 8 especially Number 26

  • The Rhodes earthquake 26 June 1926
  • Taiwan earthquake 26 April 2010
  • Japan earthquake 26 Feb 2010
  • NE Japan earthquake 26 May 2003
  • NE Japan earthquake 26 July 2003
  • North America earthquake 26 Jan 1700
  • Yugoslav earthquake 26 July 1963
  • Aceh Tsunami 26 Dec 2004
  • Jogjakarta earthquake 26 May 2006
  • Tasik earthquake 26 June 2010
  • Mentawai Tsunami 26 Oct 2010
  • Merapi volcanic eruption 26 Oct 2010
  • OTHER HISTORICAL disasters:
  • Krakatau volcanic eruption 26 Aug 1883 ( 36,000 dead )
  • China earthquake 26 July 1976 ( 255,000 dead )
  • Portugal earthquake 26 Jan 1951 ( 30,000 dead )
  • Kansu , China earthquake 26 Dec 1932 ( 70,000 dead)
  • Turkey earthquake 26 Dec 1939 ( 41,000 dead )
  • Sabah Tidal waves 26 Dec 1996 ( 1,000 dead ) Bam ,
  • Iran earthquake 26 Dec 2003 ( 60,000 dead )


Saturn, 8 and India

It is generally believed that India is ruled by this number. India became independent on 15-8-1947 which adds up to

35which adds up to8. On that day the star was Pushyami – the 8 thStar. Using the Koorma Chakra – we find that Delhi the Capital of India is in the Capricorn area that is ruled by Saturn.

The Gujarat earthquake of India on

26.01.2001and the Tsunami of26.12.2004made it worse for those who already feared number 8. The Kashmir Earthquake which happened on08.10.2005killed about 80,000 people. While earthquakes are common, I noticed that either the death toll was higher or the magnitude of the earthquake was very high whenever such calamities happened on dates under the influence of Saturn. Recently the terror stike onMumbai hotelhappened on26.11.2008.Do you know that there are 28 States and 7 union territories in India? Add 28 and 7 and see what you get….. surprised. Such is the power of 8.


Number 8 and Games that People Play

Life is a mind game. So let us start with Chess. In Chess which is undoubtedly the most mind absorbing game there are 8 pieces and 8 pawns. The board is a 8 x 8 square. Deep thought process is always linked to Saturn. Hence meditation is associated with Saturn.

Facebook and Number 8:

Today Facebook is almost on every phone and on everyone’s lip or computer screen. Is there something numerologically unique with the word FaceBook. It has to be. What else you think made Facebook so famous? The word Facebook starts with F whose value is 8.
The word Facebook has 8 letters in it.
Let us convert the word Facebook into number form using numerology.
Name under consideration : FACEBOOK(= 35 )= 8
Name converted to number : 81352772 (add all these numbers and you will get 35)
Numerology value of name :35 Number reduces finally to: 8
So FACEBOOK is a website fully ruled by Saturn. Addiction to Facebook is due to the power of 8.

Why is English so popular?

English is the most popular language has

26 alphabets.2 + 6 = 8 again.

In English numerology the number value of letters F and P is 8. Check the words starting with F and P. Most of them relate to Saturn by signification for example words like:

Fail, Fate,False,Fire,Fatal,Fear,Fever,Fight,Foreign,Frustration,Fracture,Future (worry of future),Freedom,Fall,False,Fast,Famine,Fibroid, etc.

Pass, Pacemaker(for heart), Poverty,Pathetic,Pain,Panic,Proud,Perversion,Philosophy,Police,Poor,Prison,Poison,Phishing,Prohibition,Patient (in hospital) andPunishment etc.

















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