New Year’s Eve Hair: Tips & Tricks

New Year’s Eve Hair For most of us, the biggest event of the holiday season is the New Year’s Eve party. Whether you’re attending a fancy dinner in the city, or going to a friend’s house for wine and festivities, you want to make sure your outfit pops with the right amount of holiday cheer. Perhaps the most important factor to top off your look is choosing the right hairstyle. Follow these easy tips to make sure your New Year’s…


Nothing is more beautiful that spun silk soft locks.

Start with a sulphate free shampoo. If you have not yet tried sulphate free, then do, your hair will love you for it, but do rinse well otherwise these can make your hair a bit heavy.


Condition your hair. This is the key to gorgeous hair. My preferred choice without doubt is Iles Formula Conditioner. This works for all ages and all hair types. It works in a miraculous way by transforming your hair instantly to a spun silk texture. Guaranteed with every use. Be sure to comb it through for even distribution to get the best results. It works instantly on contact with your hair, so you don’t need to let it sit.


The last preparation step is the Finishing Serum. This is your hair’s protector from cold in winter and from humidity, UV rays and color fade in summer. It’s also your protection against heated tools when drying the hair.

Apply a small amount of this finishing serum to mid lengths and ends before blow drying. Don’t worry it won’t weigh the hair down. Once the hair is finished apply a small amount over the hair surface to keep your style looking perfect no matter what weather conditions you are facing.


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