I Have Long Hair

My Long Hair Colleague

I am a long hair lover. whenever i see long hair female i can’t control myself i used to watch them for long is my own experience which happened with my colleague last year.Actually we are from same state from india.being a tamil girl that made me comfortable to speak with her.her hair length is till her ***.every tuesday and friday she used to wash her hair with shampoo and let her hair open with a hair clip to hold the central part of her hair and rest of the days she used to come with braided hair.i was eagerly waiting to touch her hair 1 day it happened.even i have long hair till end of neck. we used to call as funk.
1 day we were speaking abt 1 movie tht was on saturday luckily she washed her hair on tht day as tht day was something related to some pooja.while speaking abt the movie she said movie is flop.i said movie is good.then we had conversation abt the movie and finally she pull my hair and said movie is worst idiot.Then i took tht as we were alone in the odc then i removed her hand from my hair.she started running.i ran near her and pulled her hair from the end and removed her clip.she said aah vidu(leave) vidu(leave).Her hair smell was very good and it was silky as she washed with shampoo on tht day with conditioner.she used to say she uses sunsilk with its contioner.

i was full of joy to hold her hair as i was waiting for tht then i fold her hair till her head
with pulling and asked her to say movie is good then she finally said movie is good and i released her was full joy on tht day.she searches for tht clip till afternoon lunch as i took that clip.she was awesome till afternoon lunch as it was opened entire 1st half without clip. then finally before lunch i gave her hair clip to tie her hair.




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