Dear Friends,
It had been a long time, since my school days, that I had visited my aunt. She, being in a different city and living alone, after my uncle’s death many years back & had almost no contact with us.

On my Mother’s request, I decided to pay a visit to her, during my annual leave in December. It was in the morning, when I knocked her door & went in. She looked almost the same, as I had remembered her. She must had taken a bath as her head was wrapped in a towel. After the initial greetings, she showed me my room upstairs & went below. I came out of my room to look around the old house. From the balcony, as I looked down in the courtyard below I saw her opening her towel & brushing her long hair. I always had been attracted to long, thick, silky hair since my young age, so the sight below, put my senses into high alert.


She had not seen me, so to have a good look at her hair, I tiptoed down. It was the most amazing sight, I have seen. Her hair was black, thick silky reaching her calves. My hands were shaking at the sight, I felt my blood rushing. She caught me staring at her hair. That afternoon, after lunch, when she went to her room for an afternoon nap, I took my chance… the story unfolds, in this two part series, about the best spent time of my life.


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