How to Make Your Hair Silky At Home

How to Make Your Hair Silky At Home

• Use Almond oil to massage your head at night the night before washing on a regular basis. While regular massage is good for distributing nutrients evenly and for improving blood circulation, almond oil helps to achieve gorgeous silky hair.
• Make a paste out of hibiscus leaves and apply all over your hair. Keep on for 20 mins and then wash.

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• Mix shikakai powder, amla powder, curd and henna powder, and keep on your hair for 2 hours. Do this treatment weekly for best results.
• Mix two whole eggs and 4tbsp extra virgin olive oil apply. Wash off after 20 mins.
• Massage your hair once in a week with aroma oils to make it shiny and smooth.
• Soak hibiscus flower petals in water and make a paste. Apply for half an hour before washing.
• Mix together amla powder, ritha powder, shikakai powder, henna powder, bhringaraj powder in equal proportions. Add water and heat till lukewarm. Apply on your hair and leave on for 20 mins before washing off with plain water. No shampoo.
• Make a mixture of mustard oil, lemon and curd and apply. Leave on for 45mins and wash off.
• Using Aloe Vera gel along with your shampoo helps to make it shiny and soft
• Boil apple pulp and apply all over hair for 20 mins. Or pour natural apple juice before a wash.
• Next time you have a party and find some leftover beer in your fridge, you’ll know you’ve got yourself some excellent hair rinse. Once a month, use flat beer as a final rinse for silky smooth hair after your shampoo.




• Apple cider vinegar, mixed with water in a proportion of 1:1 has wonderful effects on dry frizzy tresses when used as a last rinse after shampooing. It will make hair silky and shinier than ever!

Apart from this, follow the basic rules of not combing hair while its wet and detangling it with a wide tooth comb to avoid breakage. Make sure that you have a very well-balanced diet with ample fruits and veggies for essential vitamins. Increase the intake of protein. Get your hair trimmed every 3-4 months to prevent split ends from spoiling texture and maintaining a groomed look.


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