Holiday hairstyle for the Long hair

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Long Hair Fantasy

I never new when I developed the liking for long hair! As a matter of fact so much liking that I started fantasising very long hair women. Resently my wife hired a maid. To my pleasant surprise i see her wearing her hair in a big bun over her head.i could easily make out that she has very long hair.I never knew when I started waiting for her to come to my home. She was a peasant lady with native grace.I always wanted to touch, play and feel long hair. I was waiting to see her long hair undone. I waited and waited it never happened. Suddenly one day when I was leaving for office I saw her with her hair undone,flowing down almost touching the floor. I was stunned to see her gorgeous hair. I forgot myself, my eyes glued to her rich possession. She probably had gauged my liking of her hair. I turned back,
went after her. That day everyone had left for work. I was hesitant to go near her to express my feeling for her and her hair. To my surprise she came near and turned little to show her hair. My heart started pumping Adrenaline into my veins. I took her into my arms. Kissed her hair. Kissed her. Took her to bed. Boy! It was a dream time. She completely surrendered. I can only state that long hair has magical and mesmerising effect on me.Nothing arouses me more than long beautiful hair.i will remain indebted to her for giving me her beautiful possessionThat was a Saturday. Now I am always waiting for Saturdays.

Holiday hairstyle for the Long hair Athenea


Sinhala Long Hair



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