Long Hair Styling

long hair show 


long hair show

long hair styling

I always used to fantasies sex with older women (not too old). My mind started thinking about every possible sexy woman I have seen around. Few months passed its time for Dussera holidays. I don’t want to go home; its just 3 days holidays so I just want to stay back at hostel its waste to get tired for traveling home for just 3 days in which one day gets wasted for traveling. I can’t be bothered and stayed back along with very few of my hostel mates.

Day one passed I was just chilling at room; next day morning my mom called me and she was worried since I stayed back without celebration festival at home. She advised me to go to my uncle’s place so that I can eat some homemade food. She literally insisted me go to their place which is in the town of Guntur. With least interest I have accepted her request and planned to go to uncle’s place. Packed all my stuff and took bus to Guntur bus station and auto to my uncle’s place. I have searched for the new house I never been and rang the doorbell. My nephew opened the door and they are felt happy to see me and invited me, uncle and aunty were so pleased to see me after many years. I never had any intentions on her. I had loads of chat and was talking about all my studies and college life. We had good food with loads of specials and slept well that night.

Let me explain how she looks, perfect figure, sexy back, long silky hair always ponytail. Next day morning I woke up bit late, when I see everyone got ready except my aunty. My niece and nephew were ready to go to their granddad’s place since they invited whole family for festival dinner, but my aunty and uncles stayed back for me and both of them children went, they said good bye and they will be coming next day morning. I got up for getting freshens up, meanwhile my uncle said he will be going to office soon would I like to join him to office? To which I have said he may carry on, I feel too boring to sit at that business offices. I finished brush and sat in the chair drinking coffee meanwhile my uncle left to office saying he will be back around 7pm. I have finished coffee and said to aunty

….. continued tomarrow…….


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