Heavy Oiling

very long hair–heavy oiling

ankle length silky long hair



story cont from yesterday……

I will get shower and get ready to fresh clothes then she told me to finish shower quick so that we both can go to market and but some groceries.

When I was about to go into the bathroom she said, you need to apply oil and need to bath with Meera (they say kunkudu kayalu) today since its festival days and there are no excuses for today. Hearing to that I felt really shit, I hate applying oil. I just kept towel around my waist and was standing there while my aunt brought me some oil and handed over to me. I was just acting like I am applying oil , meanwhile she said me to apply properly or else she is gonna take charge of applying oil. I tried best to impress her as if I am doing it right, after couple of minutes she just laughed at me saying ‘ kids are better than you in applying oil to the body’ you are all grownup now and you should all chores on your own and if your wife comes she might help you though. To which I felt little embarrassed and handed over the bottle.

She came near to me and said first turn back and started applying on my back and then to lower back after that she asked me to turn front and started applying my chest and belly. That was when I feel strange feeling inside my body to which my rod getting responded to. She moved to my legs and applied to them till my laps. My rod is getting tougher and tougher. She said me to apply to inside towel properly to which I said I will go inside the bathroom and do it. She said not to into bathroom, if I drop oil on bathroom floor it might cause injury to anyone. I was ashamed how to do it. She observed my inconvenience and said don’t worry remove your towel and stay on undi and apply properly. I was bit hesitation to which she asked me what is wrong. I have seen you with undies many times in fact I have seen you naked when you are small and I used give you bath now and then.

I have said her I have got only one undi so I can’t use that for bath so I haven’t got one inside, she laughed at me loud and said so what’s problem it’s okay if you want to be naked or I can give you your uncles undi or small towel. I felt little strange lush in her face when she was saying that. I asked her to give uncles undi or small towel. She smiled and said, so you are grown up and feeling shy to be naked before aunty ha, its okay and she got be both of them. I have first seen that towel, its half towel hard goes around my waist.( I am little well build with 34 waist and 5.10 height ), then she gave me undi which is very loose to me but that’s only option left for me now. I have taken undi and wore it. Removed my towel she started starting at my undi and laughing. She said it’s no use of you wearing uncle’s loose undi to your fit body its coming down. I had laughed too and she said she will apply for rest of my legs so that she can finish my work and she can apply for herself to take shower. When she said that I was bit hesitating that she might see my bulge through my loose undi.

—-  cont in next post …….


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