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Aishwarya Rai with Rocky – UNSEEN VIDEO from a Bollywood movie


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long hair bun- Full Video

She asked me to apply oil all over her body I took the bottle and started applying all body it was amazing experience. I kept little oil in her pussy and fingered her. She holding my hair with her hand dragged to her pussy and asked me to lick her pussy. I was licking her pussy like pussy cat licking milk. She applied some oil to my dick and started giving me hand job and whispered saying that’s a lovely dick to park in my pussy, saying this immediately she took my dick into her hold tightly hold it and playing with my balls with oil doing this she gave me good long smooch for few minutes, While I was squeezing her boobs and playing with her nipples and she was playing with my balls and dick. I have thrown her on to the floor and we started hugging each other like mad sex carving couple.

Our oils skin was slipping through without any friction to the body. We were doing foreplay by kissing and finally it was that moment of time we both are ready for secession for fucking. I stretched her legs wider and kept my oily long dick into her sexy oily pussy. We both are absolutely in heaven feeling that feel. I started pushing the dick into her hole deeper and deeper and started fucking vigorously which is making sound tapk tapk tapk. She was literally screaming of please, I have increased my speed of fucking to which she started hugging me tightly and nipping on my back with her nails. I increased more and more speed , both are sweating and oil, both of us getting warmer and warmer, we had this serious fucking secession for good 15 minutes and finally both of us reached to the climax and pushed my full dick into her pussy deep inside which she screamed loud and nipped her nails deep into my skin and started kissing me more and more and I have done that few good times and we both had mutual climax and rested for some time and had good shower together , there after we had good sex every time possible




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