Rekha Hair play

Rekha Hair play

Rekha Hair play 2


Ayesha Jhulka & Nana Patekar Intimating Scene from Aanch Movie

She started applying behind my legs till my ass crack to which my response was spontaneous. Later she started applying for from of the legs she dragged her hand till the ball and just left without touching them. My body responded very sudden my bulge was almost vertically up. She observed and had small lust smile on her face resembles expression of wow! She was trying to hide that smile and just gave me a hint saying, you have to keep your private parts tidy not messy, to which I was almost shocked and filled with joy. That was when my thoughts on her started getting crazy and my inner lust started coming out.

She turned to other way and untied her hair and started applying oil while I was just standing there waiting for my water to be heated. Meanwhile her sexy silky hair started make me more crazy about her, all of the sudden without conscious my mouth uttered few words ‘can I apply oil to your hair?’ To which she gave strange expression by lifting her eyebrows and replied saying ‘Yes off course with pleasure’ and winked at me. I was on cloud 9 and started applying oil and playing with her hair, complimented her that she is so luck and wonderful because she got such a beautiful and lush hair. She was blushed and asked do I like women with long hair to which I replied her saying yes I like long hair women In fact I fantasies about them every now and then. She then asked me do you mean women or girls!. I was bit silent and requested her not to say anyone about what I am going to say to her. She laughed and promised me, I have said that I like older women to me, I like long hair, big bum and lips. She asked me how she looks.

I opened up little bit and said I never observed you before, but I was looking at you from past few minutes and she absolutely fabulous. While I was talking to her my crazy bulge started touching her back and I was trying to put my bulge into the hair and play with that hair keeping that into my undies without her notice. It was mesmerizing feel of keeping that hair into the undies and playing with it on my bare body. All of the sudden she turned toward me and found me doing it and shocked for a bit. I was terrified about the incident which is happening without my common sense. She stared at me and laughed at me suddenly saying you must really freak about the long hair do you want to play more with me? To which I have replied saying yes I would love to do so and jumped with joy. She stood up and said she is starving for sex for a while, she would eat me today and treat me like a slave to which I have said, I am already your slave. She took her sari off and removed blouse and petticoat, OMG she is absolutely stunning with her sexy boobs, big black nipples and hair pussy.

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