Where I kiss : Long hair story Part 1

Long Hair Flaunting & Play By Man

Longhair Model Hair Styling


Longhair Model Hair Styling Part 2


Part – I

“Where should I sit ?” You asked.
“****!” I thought. “Um, Bring the white bar stool over,” I said as though I knew exactly what I was doing. As she put the bar stool down in the middle of the kitchen you did not even seem a bit nervous. I guess since I was I thought she might be catching on. No way, you were hooked.
“Just a half an inch please,” you said as you sat down.
I took the cape out of the box and gave it a good snap to get all the folds out. You seemed startled for a moment and turned to look. As I brought the cape around your neck I thought I was going to explode. I gently brought it up around your neck, then I pulled your mass of hair back and fastened it. I was actually touching it now. “God! It is so soft and thick,” I thought to myself. I took out the comb. I then started to comb it out, it was a gorgeous mane. I combed and combed . Over and over again. I ran my fingers through it pretending to try to get tangles out. “So much hair!” I thought. Then I placed the comb at your forehead and began to make long strokes all the way to the ends . You seemed comfortable all the time and did not say a word. I took a few more strokes to bring it all straight in line then reached for the scissors. “Schick, schick, schick!” I closed them together. You twitched your head a little. I hesitated for a moment not knowing where to start. “Just a little bit, O.K.?” you said in a meek voice. “Of course” I said.
I placed my hand to the top of your head and pushed it forward. You obediently complied. I got down on my knees level with the ends of your hair. I took some ends between my fingers and raised the scissors to them, but I found myself wanting to take the scissors much higher. I combed down once more and slid the scissors into the hair at about mid back starting at the right side of the long locks. I closed the scissors down hard, SHNICK! A thick long strand plopped to the floor. I quickly grabbed it up off the floor not believing what I had just done. “****” I said almost aloud.
cont …   part2


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