Where I Kiss : Long Hair Story Pt. 3

Santu hairplay with her almost Floor length hair.

Kalpana Hair Styling

Long hair Miracle





I combed the hair again and sectioned it off by running the comb around her head about one inch above your ears. Then I clipped the hair in place. I combed out the section hanging free. I was about to give you a good short wedge little did you know. I slid the scissors in right at eye level and began to cut around her head. You really began to cry now. Over the right ear, around the back, and over the left ear. The four inch strands of hair fell down to the floor and some right down the front of the cape and into your lap. I came around front, lifted your chin with my hand and whispered, “I’m sorry.” Then I kissed you on the forehead. I went back to work by releasing the section of hair from atop your head and combing it out again.
Starting at the right side one last time I began to cut sections off just a bit below the undercut I had just finished. Hair was raining down as I cut away the ruminants of your long locks to a perfect clean straight line around your head just an inch above the ears.
“Almost done sweetheart” I said. I pulled out the clippers and attached the shortest attachment I could. I plugged them in then flicked them on. They came to life with a BUZZZZ! You flinched. I grabbed the right side of your head and pushed it to the side. Bringing the clippers up to just in front of your ear I began to clipper your hair up to the line I had just cut around her head. I moved up over the exposed ear. Then I started at the base of the nape where the hair was still collar length. I pushed down hard on the clippers as I brought them up the back of your head to the line again as long locks of hair cascaded to the floor in a rush. The clippers left an 1/8 inch of stubble behind as I continued to push down hard and buzz up the back of her head and then up around the left ear.
“There, one more thing and we’re done,” I said. I combed a thick section of bangs up from your forehead and cut them to just above the eyebrows. I went around front to have a look. You looked very cute now. “Have a look at the new you,” I said.
She took the mirror and studied her new haircut for a moment. “It’s nice” you said.
“So you like it” I asked.
“Yes I do, thank you,” you replied.
“You’re welcome,” I said as I leaned over and gave her a kiss on the top of her head.
I then proceeded to bring the clippers back to life and finish the job take all or your remaining hair down to 1/8 inch long all over.
I removed the cape and you stood up. You turned around to face me. “Oh my God” you said as you saw the enormous pile of hair on the floor, and on the counter. You threw your arms around me. And said “I love it thanks so much I really needed this. How can I ever repay you” ? I kissed your cheek, then your buzzed nape. “I’m sure you can think of something.


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