My Long Hair Lady

Since childhood only i had this passion for long hair, i really admired long hair ladies as thier long, black & thick hair always attracted me. More than young girls of my age I always found elderly and married women with long hair much more attractive as here in Mumbai hardly any girl likes to keep her hair long. Ya but I had seen few elderly ladies with very long hair either in a huge bun or a long thick braid. I was bit unusual as regards considering any girl or lady as beautifull or sexy as i used to see only one feature in them and that was how long their hair is while other features of them hardly mattered to me.
The sight of a huge bun or a long thick braid infront of me would drive me crazy and it would really turn me on but unfortunately I never knew any such women or a girl with long hair. I had a few girlfriends but they all had short hair & i missed everything that i could have done with their long hair.

My passion for long hair grew as days passed by and until one day one new family shifted in our building. It was a small family of 3- husband, wife(Mrs.P) & their small daughter.
So this is my story about Mrs. P who was staying on the next floor above me and who was very attractive indeed even though she would be arround 35 years old. She was very tall and had a perfect body and the most attractive feature for me was her long hair. She always use to tie her hair in either a tight or loose bun thats what kept me & others wondering and guessing about the length of her hair because I never saw her in any other hair-style other than bun but i was very sure of onething that her hair was extra long & very thick thats what made the bun so big and it was literally killing me day by day.
She sometimes used to come down for a walk in the evening and I was getting to see her lovely big bun but from a distance and I always wished that I should get to see her hair from very close and one day. God fullfilled my wish when I was returning home I saw her coming towards my building from the opposite side. We both entered inside the building and I was walking just behind her so that I can see her bun very closely. I wont ever forget that day as I had never seen such a huge bun from so close till now. I followed her from behind very closely when we were climbing the stairs so that I can analyse and study her bun.
Her bun of course was very big and was jet black in colour, it had many twists and was held by a big clip. The sight of her bun made my heart-beat faster & my throat went dry.
Now her bun had become a big mystery for me as I wanted to know the length of her beautiful hair but she never ever use to let it down. Maybe she was a bit hesitant & shy with showing her true beauty.
But one very fine day when I was standing in my balcony talking on phone I got to see her in a braid when she was going out somewhere. I think she was going for some function or wedding may be thats why she was very well dressed up in a nice Saree with all her make up & jewellery and her hair in a long thick braid. Finally the day came when I came to know about the length of her gorgious hair. Her braid was just below her knees and she was looking really beautiful and at the same time very appealing and attractive because of her long and thick braid.I did not get to see enough of her braid as she disapeared very quickly and the sight of that long beautiful hair made me go crazy and from that day onwards I always felt her wanted & she became my top most desire. I really could have done anything in this world to just touch her hair and now I started dreaming of running my fingers in her hair and holding her big bun or her long thick braid in my hands. I started considering her as my perfect dream lady with very long and beautiful hair, the type of woman I always wanted for myself.

I was always thinking of several ways of introducing myself to her until one day. God himself gave me a brilliant opportunity and a courier-boy came to my rescue. God bless that Courier-boy where ever he is.
That day the courier-boy rang my bell, I opened the door and he said “please give this envelope to Mr.P (Mrs.P’s husband) as their door is locked and I am coming here for the 3rd time and they are not at home since last few days so you please hand it over to them when they return.”
I accepted it very happily and the Courier-boy took my signature & thanked me. Actually I should have thanked him for giving me this wonderful opportunity.
Continued in part … 2



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