Story continued from part …1

Two days later Mrs.P and her family returned home and I decided to go to their house in the late morning so that Mrs.P only opens the door and I get to talk to her only and nobody else as she was a house wife and she used to be at home alone in the morning. I was feeling very nervous earlier of going there & talking to her but somehow I gathered all my courage and went up and ranged her bell. Mrs.P opened the door and my throat went dry & my heart started beating much faster and my body temperature went up high as soon as our eyes met. She first looked at me with a big question mark on her face but I was sure that no doubt she knows who I am as she would have seen me arround in the society. Somehow how I managed to put a smile on my face and she smiled back. I said “Hello” to her & handed over the courier envelope saying “this is yours, the courier-boy gave me this few days back and told me to hand it over to you. I think you were not there at home for few days thats why he gave it to me.”
“Oh ya we were not here for last 5 days as we had gone to my mother’s place” she replied.
“thats why the courier guy was a bit frustrated, he said I am coming here for the third time and always find the door locked” I said and she started laughing. She thanked me and then I smiled back & said “You are always welcome.”When I was about to leave from there she said wait and asked me my name. I told her my name & she told me her name and then I took her leave.

This was our first meeting when I talked to her face to face for the first time but of course it was a very short one and I wanted the meeting to carry on a bit further but I was satisfied as now at least we know each other.
After some days when I was returning home in my Car I saw her walking with some carry bags in her hand.
I thought of making the most of this another opportunity coming by my way and I stopped my car just besides her, she looked at me & recognized me immediately giving me a smile. I asked her if she wants a lift. She was more than happy to get a lift as it was a very warm & sunny day and of course she would prefer going home by car instead of walking with carrying those bags in her hands. I opened the door and she sat besides me.
I asked her “from where r u coming now?”
“I had just gone to the Bank & then to the Market, had to buy few things” she replied.
Our building was 5-10 mins away from there by car and on the way we talked a few things.While talking to her I tried to look into her eyes most of the time instead of her hair which was tied up in a big bun today as usual. Of course I would have just loved to look at her bun from so near but then it would not have looked good I staring at her hair when she is sitting besides me.
We reached our building & by now we she had become very friendly with me and she thanked me for the lift. I parked the car and then helped her in carrying her bags to her flat. She opened the door of her flat with the key and then welcomed me inside.
“No its ok, I will leave now. “I said just as a formality because actually I wanted to stay there wanting to spend some more time with her.
She said “No you can’t go like this, you are coming at my place for the first time so please have a sit and tell me what will you like to have coffee, tea or some cold drink?”
“Well i will have a Coffee” I replied.
“Ok. You just sit comfortably I will be right back in just 5 mins.” she said.
I was reading the newspaper which was there on the table near their sofa till then she came with two mugs of hot coffee. She kept the coffee in front of me on the table and asked me “So you like reading?”
“Ya very much” I replied back. Then we talked many things about each other while drinking coffee and I came to know few things about her. Her husband was a Manager in a good company and her daughter was in 5th Std and Mrs.P used to be at home alone till the afternoon. I very much wanted to talk about her gorgeous long hair and just wanted to tell her how much do I love them but I did not had that much courage as she would have minded it. I thanked her for the coffee and said “I just love coffee & your coffee was really good.”
Suddenly she was appearing to be a bit disturbed with her bun as she was checking it again and again by her hands, may be I think because it was getting lose. After some 5-10 mins when we were talking, now she was very much uncomfortable and before her bun gets lose and opens in fornt of me she said “excuse me I will be right back.” She came back with her hair nicely tied up in a tight bun. Although I knew for what she went inside I asked her purposely “What happed suddenly?” as I desperatly wanted to talk about her hair.
“Nothing just went to tie my hair” she answered back honestly.
“So what was the need to go inside to tie up your hair, you could have done it hear only” I said with a smile.
“No, its ok. Let it be.” she replied very shyly.
I decided not to get back now, as I somehow gathered all my courage & asked her “Do you always tie your hair up like this only in a bun?” she was very much surprised with my this question I think as she never expected anything like this from me.
“Ya, most of the time” she said. “Why? It does not look good or what?” she asked me.
“No, nothing like that. It looks simply great.” I answered. I wanted to carry on telling her how great it looks and what its doing to me from last few days but then somehow I controlled myself.
“How long is your hair?” I asked her.
“Its long, very long” she replied.
“Good. Women with long hair really look very beautiful, long hair stands out as an asset for them” I said.
“Ya even I like keeping long hair since childhood only but its very difficult to maintain them.” she replied.
“Whatever it is but you look good in this hairstyle and your bun appears to be so big.” I said
“How long is your hair exactly? Can I get to see it” I asked her politely.Talking about her hair was giving me an errection and I still wonder from where I got all this strength to talk to her so openly about her hair.
She was a bit hesitant and asked me “Why do you want to see my hair?”
“Just because it will be a real sight to see as I am sure you have very long hair” I somehow managed to give her an answer.

Continued in part ……3



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