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“Ok then.” she said after keeping me waiting for sometime. She stood up and removed the pin. The twists in her bun started to roll down slowly and within a moment her hair was lose open reaching almost her calfs.I was thrilled and speachless seeing her so long and sexy hair.
I am really out of words to describe that moment when I saw her for the first time undoing her big bun in front of me. I wished I had a camera to capture that moment, but really camera was a small thing when she herself was there infront of me standing so near with her hair left open for me. She turned to me and smiled raising her eyebrows as if asking me hows it? I was still spechless and seriously wondering that all this is happening to me in real or is it only a dream.
“Wow, you really have the most beautifull hair I have ever seen, even its so long and thick. I have never seen such long & thick hair ever before” I said. Now it was seriously very difficult for me to control my errection. Now I came to know why she always ties her hair up in bun because her hair had so much sex appeal that leaving it open would really make people go crazy for her.

“I wonder why do you always tie your hair up in a bun because you really look great with your long hair let down lose and open, it really suits you very well.” I said trying to take things forward.
“Thank you very much for the compliment.” she replied back.
I went behind her to get a proper view of her long hair from very near and as soon as I was going to touch her hair she got back and quickly tied up her hair again into a bun and said “I think we talked enough about my hair, I have to get back to my work now.” I was a bit disappointed but I knew that its difficult now to get a second opportunity so I asked her “Can I comb your hair?”
She was surprised again and she kept quite for a moment.
“Your hair is so long & thick and it appears to be very silky & soft thats why I feel like touching & combing them.” I said to somehow defend my part.
“I am sorry not now, my daughter will be coming from her school now and I have to prepare the lunch also yet.” she said.
“Its ok, you need not be sorry for that.” I replied.
“It seems you have really liked my hair very much” she asked.
“What do I say about your lovely hair. Your hair is so long, thick & silky and its of course the most beautiful hair I have ever seen.” I replied.
“And I have never seen a long hair lover like you” she said.
“Ya I really love long hair a lot, in fact I just dream of playing with them or combing them” I said.
“Oh thats great, then you can help me to comb my hair after I wash & dry them because its really very difficult to manage such long hair” she said.
“Ya of course, it will be my pleasure.” I said as i could not have asked for anything more.
“Ok then why dont you come tomorow because as it is I am going to wash my hair tomorow.” she asked me.

“Fine i will be there then tommorow at your service”I replied.
“Ok then see u tomorow morning” she said and I left from there.

I couldnt sleep that night as I was thinking about the things that were going to happen the next morning and really as I was dreaming it turned out to be the most amazing and unforgetable day of my life.
I reached her house by morning 9:30 as told by her and she welcomed me inside. She had already washed her hair and her hair was raped up in a towel which was strugling to somehow hold such long and thick hair.
“You are looking absolutely wonderful today” I complimented her.
“Thank you. What will you have?” she asked me.
“No thanks. I wont have anything” I said as I was in a hurry today and I think even she could hardly wait. She took off the towel & threw it on the bed and her hair was looking even much sexier today as they were a bit wet. She started to dry her hair with running her fingers in it.
I went behind her directly and touched her hair. I started running my fingers in her hair which was very silky and thick. Even she appeared to be enjoying it and was responding very positively with my every touch. By now I was completely lost in her hair and I asked her “Can I comb your hair now?”

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