Athenea long hairs Part 2

Continued from ……..  Athenea long hairs Part 1

After that day on wards i used to meet her when ever i had time. one day it so happened that she had not gone to office, that was during my holidays. no one was there in my house. i went to her to see and talk. but she was suffering from headache. i got a right chance to touch her hair. i got her a cup of tea with a tab but still she was not quite OK. i told her if she permits me i would give her head massage with warm coconut oil. she refused but i was going on convincing her for every 5mins. then at last she accepted. she had her hair braided and buned. i opened her bun and slowly opened her braid. i took the coconut oil put some into a vessel and boiled it to a normal temperature. then i brought the warm oil and started to massage her LONG BLACK HAIR. she asked me whether i worked in a beauty parlour. i played with her hair for nearly two hours massaging. at last i put a braid and took her leave to go to my house. she appreciated my massage and requested me to give her head massage for twice a week.

this continued in this way fore few yrs and started to give her henaa and some trims like u-cut and v-cut. her husband got a job in mumbai and after that she left me forevere without know contacts.



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