How to Take Gorgeous Photos with Your Phone (Sukanya Photos)

How to Take Gorgeous Photos with Your Phone 15895273_1746402125686778_8227415098704867138_n

Setting up your Phone

Before you can even begin to think about composition, lighting, and editing, there are two things you need to know how to work the camera on your phone in order to take a good photo.

Have you ever taken a photo of a bright sky, only to realize later that half of it is over-exposed? Mobile phones tend to blow out portions of your photograph naturally, resulting in over-highlighted areas. But there’s a trick to fix this: under-exposing your shot. It’s better to have a slightly under-exposed photo that you can then brighten with editing, instead of ruining the whole shot with over-exposure.



Capturing the Shot for a Good Photo

There are two key things you should think about when capturing the perfect shot: composition and lighting. If you get these functions down pat, dream-worthy photos are definitely in your future.


We all know the heart-crushing feeling when you take a good photo, only to realize it’s been completely over-exposed by the sunlight, or that awesome selfie at the bar was just too dark to be worthy. Before you start shooting, remember that if you have a badly lit photo, nothing can save it. Keep these tips in mind when planning a shoot:

Planning to take photos at dawn or dusk will result in soft shadows and light contrasts, and there’s really nothing more important for taking a good photo than perfect light! The same benefit can be said for golden hour, where your subject can be backlit and gives you a mind-blowing result. It also saves you time with editing.

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